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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak View Post
"The State" isn't some nebulous force that acts without thinking. It's a group of people, elected by a second group of people, and victimizing a third group of people to please the second group.

The answer, fueled by my vitriol, is to fuck the people who run "The State", and fuck the people who put them there, because they are shitty human beings who think that victimizing people is something they should feel free to do.

The answer is NOT to have the victims shut up and change their lifestyle to play nice with the bigots who want to make them victims.
Yes you can indignantly stamp your foot. I’d rather see more human flourishing than live out some morality play damning the evils of society. Of course your impulse to “fuck” your fellow humans is totally in line with human history. There have been all sorts of persecutions and pogroms to eliminate the evil ones.