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Morning all. With the long nap yesterday, I stayed up until almost 1am, then slept until 8am this morning. Also had a nice evening MMP post that I deleted by mistake, so hopefully I will be more careful with this one.

Another nice day, temperature is 62F and only going to 80F today. Should open the windows and air out the house a bit...but that sounds like work...

I have started making a list for things I need to do pre-travel (my vacation to Boston/Halifax/Denver/Rapid City starts next 2Day).

Spidey, exploding packages are not a good thing (unless you're ruble in disguise). Express your displeasure with them.

Sari, ever considered moving? I think a lot of your stress is where you live (and more importantly, others living there.

FCM and Butters, it's always nice to get money--don't be spending it all in one place now...

Everyone take care.