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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
1. How many years of HS math were you required to have?

2. How many years of HS math do you think we should require?

3. Would you prefer HS students take more practical math courses like financial math over math with more scientific applications like geometry?
1. 4, since I was in the Applied Sciences track. If I'd chosen Accounting as one of my optionals that would have been 2 years of financial math (it wasn't only plain book-keeping, but stuff such as running the calculations behind different types of financial products); I chose Draftsmanship.

2. Well, that depends on the track: trades vs humanities vs life sciences vs physical/applied sciences vs art vs...

3. Again it depends on the track. People aiming for careers in the sciences often could use a better understanding of statistics, which tradespeople don't particularly care about; people aiming for PoliSci or Economics… well, it's not so much that they could use a better understanding of stats as that the rest of us would benefit from them understanding stats better.

We didn't have checkbooks, but basic financial math was 5th grade. Compound interest, yay! Multiple fees, hooray! It's come handy many times; for example, when I proved to our company's well-meaning HR manager that the 401(k) being offered were shit: the fees were so high that they ate up amounts equivalent to several years' worth of interest.
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