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Originally Posted by kopek View Post
I can't remember names for shit.
Me either. And hey - faces too. The other week I spent time in the hospital walk-in centre after a minor bike crash. Saw a nurse, had an X-ray, saw another nurse. The second nurse had to explain to me, gently, that actually she was the first nurse. There had been maybe twenty minutes between my two sessions with her, and I had lost her face completely. I'm so bad at this that I'm no longer embarrassed by it - it's not me being disrespectful, it's more like a disability.

You can add to that a couple of practical ones. I am officially the world's worst plasterer - my technique these days is to make a cat's arse of a wall and then sand it flat. And then there's anything that involves superglue. Whatever it is, I will end up stuck to it.