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I'm a really shitty house keeper. If left to my own devices, I clean sporadically, essentially in the kitchen and bathroom, because otherwise gross. I can't remember the last time i dusted the place - years is not an exaggeration. I'm not bothered by having a mountain of dirty laundry and ignore it. Sometimes I'm tempted to just throw it all out and buy new shit. There are small piles of stuff around - books, my kid's toys, flyers that need to be recycled.

Fortunately for all involved, Mr. Wonderland is a great house keeper and keeps the place ship shape when he's home. When he's away for work it slowly becomes shabby, and then he tidies when he gets home. He does have a much higher bar for tidiness than I do, and when we first starting living together I told him if he wanted the place spic and span, he would have to do it himself.