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Originally Posted by Corry El View Post
. . . This reliance on superior military efficiency ran out of room in the USSR with a still only partially war-mobilized German economy, . . .
That's interesting.

Does this mean that Hitler's invasion of the USSR might have succeeded if the German economy had been revved up sufficiently by the spring 1941 (or whenever they might finally have invaded)? By having sufficient production to be able to keep shipping tanks, artillery, and everything east no matter how many troops the Soviets were willing to sacrifice?

But it was only after the invasion that Germany would change to a total war footing. Could that have even been done before attacking the Soviets? Even in Nazi Germany would the Volke have committed to a total war economy/effort without facing the existential threat of losing to the Bolsheviks (no matter how hard Hitler ordered them to work and sacrifice)? Would they even have had enough slave labour before invading USSR?