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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Also, if not thrift stores, what should I do with it? Will recycling centers take random old parts like that? I'd hate to just throw it in the trash.
In my town there's a chain called BatteriesPlus that will happily take whatever old electronics you have. I guess they have some eletrolysis/melting facility that breaks down the valuable metals.

As far as other cables/adapters, I would guess it's a case of rarity. For anything made after 2000 or so, it's probably worth nothing. So much equipment is floating around out there, and so little of value to connect it to. By contrast I have an RS232/DB9 serial cable that is probably worth $10. There aren't so many out there, and sometimes you need them to revive old hardware. Yet anyone who needs one could make one if they so desired.

So yeah... electronics for the meltdown value, everything else... also for meltdown value.