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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
Yes. That's what I'm telling you.

The hearings, whether called "impeachment" or not, will have the same personnel involved. Trump won't let anyone actually mentioned in the Mueller Report show up, so for the most part it will be law professors and political commentators.

And MSNBC and CNN and the networks will show the "impeachment" hearings to the same extent they showed the hearings Monday: a couple of excerpts here, a couple of excerpts there. Because "impeachment hearings" will tank in the ratings just as much as non-impeachment hearings do.

The news outlets go with conflict and drama. Look at the Jon Stewart testimony yesterday: it was as dramatic and conflict-driven as it gets----and it was not, repeat, NOT, carried in its entirety. Just excerpts.

And that was a high-water mark for the drama and conflict the news outlets seek. It doesn't get any more dramatic than that. Yet they didn't show anything but excerpts.

The reason the news outlets are harping on 'when will you start impeachment?' is because of the question's potential to elicit newsworthy stammers and annoyance and gaffes and criticisms of other Democrats .........................not because the news outlets think impeachment proceedings will garner ratings. They know impeachment proceedings won't garner ratings. They have no intention of showing the impeachment proceedings.

Once the House Dems pull that lever, the next badgering question will be: when will you hold the Vote? And again, that's not because the anchors and reporters think a vote should be held-----it's because the question has the potential to elicit newsworthy displays of anger or annoyance or embarrassment or criticism of fellow-Democrats. Conflict! Ratings!

And of course, meanwhile, real-life consequences are barreling ahead. The proceedings start; the Dems are goaded into a Vote; the Senate acquits, and all investigation is over. Every chance the Democrats might have had to make the case that Trump is a crook-----gone. Over. Done. How can the Democrats investigate a man declared by the United States Senate to be innocent?

Trump wins.

You may be 'fine' with that. I am not.
Fortunately you're wrong about just about everything.

Good talk.

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