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Dosing them pigs

Originally Posted by Treppenwitz View Post
Here's a little something that may amuse you, if you haven't seen it before - the US's resistance to the metric system has some odd effects. Some animal health products are sold as high concentration premixes for addition to animal feed (hey - ever tried to get a pig to take a tablet?). OK, so how do you get around dosing in grams when you're talking to a farmer?

Simple. Like this.j
There are going to be some very unhappy pigs out there. Whoever did the conversions got it seriously wrong.

Having grown up with Imperial measures and converted to metric, I can say that I am happy with both, but calculations in metric are way easier due to the decimal scaling. On the other hand, feet and inches are more intuitive at a more rural level of technology, and you always have the measuring devices to hand.