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Originally Posted by kanicbird View Post
There was one such road near me, it was one side (prong) of a fork in the road, it was fun taking it at speed where it would cause the car to slid sideways 'just a bit' making that turn and a vacant flat open field to end up on if the slid went a bit more then planned. Speed here would be about 35-40 mph. I found that out accidentally the first time I took that turn without that 'helper' sign to warn me.
In my area, there's a side street that comes off the main road at an acute angle rather than 90 degrees. Because of this, if you're using that road (for a side street it's somewhat busy) you can just veer off to the left and barely slow down. Last summer it was covered in gravel before being resurfaced. However, the gravel was about the same color as the old asphalt so it was easy to miss. The first time I did it, my car actually fishtailed. I talked to a few other people that did the exact same thing.