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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
As I've said again and again, impeachment might be a thing down the road if Trump becomes so unhinged that he starts to scare even his base. But not until then. In the meantime, Democrats would do far more damage to Trump if they'd start visiting flood stricken farms and farms ravaged by the trade war and explain why a) climate change is a thing, b) trade wars don't work, and c) how Donald Trump will only help himself and his cronies at their expense. Better yet, just explain how they can help them. After all, people vote out of self interest. And then go visit Hispanic communities in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, and explain how Latino voters can end the nightmare of the Trump presidency. And visit every other place and do the same thing with a range of issues. My concern is that if Democrats go for impeachment, it will either a) result in a quick acquittal, or b) drag on and be such a huge topic that it will drown out their message, which is really a lot more important than just embarrassing Trump politically.
I think this makes perfect sense. The downside of a failed impeachment (and as long as McConnell is running the Senate, impeachment *will* fail to remove Trump) is too horrible to contemplate: an unfettered Trump for another 6 years. It's not worth the risk. So the Democratic field has to do everything they can to make sure that the investigative muck sticks to Trump, and present themselves as a positive alternative.

The real problem is that 43% of the electorate is hopelessly cynical + completely removed from the norms and traditions of the Constitution + dumber than a bag of hammers. It'll take a lot of work to fix that.