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I believe the first amendment protects any speech. But seeing the video of this vile nutjob makes it very, very hard not to think there should be some sort of law against this. To think he had a gun and a uniform sends shudders down my spine. Clearly unhinged. The idea that Leviticus is in fact the law of the land, and government and law enforcement are in neglect by not enforcing it, is literally not sane. Also, I hope he never said anything unkind about his mommy or daddy, because in his dreamworld that’d mean he’s going to fry too. But maybe he didn’t read that part of Leviticus - wackos like him tend to laser in on the one line that works for them, to the exclusion of all others. He’s probably not very good at making sure the offerings to god are fully burned. But Lev 20:13, that part is still on the books. Fucktard