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Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
I have brought this up before on these boards:

Every now and then, usually around Christmas, youíll hear stories about cops pulling people over on public roads to give them a gift card. No traffic violation involved. Itís either to give an Xmas gift to someone driving a junky car, or as a reward for being observed following traffic laws.

But it happens on public roads involving a full stop, lights and siren.

Myself and other officers Iíve discussed this with cannot fathom With no RAS of a violation HTF are these not illegal seizures?

If any department around here tried this the DA, if not the State Attorney General would shit.
Somewhat related question; flipping channels & one of those Cops / Live PD / etc. shows came on. If a private citizen or a TV/movie production company pulls out a camera & starts videoing me doing ____ in public they have that right but I have the right to turn & walk/drive away.
When a police officer stops me, I am not free to walk or drive away. That cameraman is then using my legal detainment to use my image in a commercial endevour which I do not agree to participate in; it is very different than the officer's body cam which is for documentation purposes. If I am pulled over by a cop on one of those shows do I have any right to demand they stop filming/not use that footage in any show?