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A few months ago I heard Lindsey Buckingham sing "Tusk" solo. After he sang "Tusk!" he belted out "Aye-yeeh!" in a high pitched voice. I thought it was funky and kind of odd. Later I listened to the original version by Fleetwood Mac and, sure enough, the "aye-yeeh!" part was in there. In all those years I'd never heard it before. Now I can't listen to it without belting out, "Aye-yeeh!"

I never realized that the "Village People" were flamboyantly gay or that the song "YMCA" was homoerotic until college. In my defense, I wasn't familiar with Greenwich Village so that clue was lost on me.

I also didn't connect "Queen" (the rock group) with "queens" a la gay men until around the same time. College was a real eye opening experience for me.