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Originally Posted by waynemcdougall View Post
"You've forgotten the most important bit!" shrieks my wife.

"Uh, what bit's that?" I ask eloquently.

"The bit about how swans mate for life, and that symbolism that explains why I gave it to you on the day we got married. Why do you think I made you hang it over our bed? You couldn't think I was just giving you a photo of swans???"

"Well no.....not NOW darling....."

She proceeds to explain how every day, in every way, I just show how much truly thicker I am than she had thought. :-(
Swans mating for life is a piece of trivia. If you sampled your average person on the street, I'm sure most people wouldn't know it. I know I didn't until this post. Also, I hope you're being a little sarcastic about her reaction and what she said.

OK, I thought of another one for myself. When the Hall and Oates song "One on One" came out 9 years old or so. For many years when I heard it I didn't know it was a song about sex. I feel embarrassed about what I thought it meant, but at least I have the excuse that it went over my head because I was a kid.