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Originally Posted by Marley23 View Post
There are several different stories told about this:
In some, the line made the recording.
•Bob Spitz's biography The Beatles cites several sources claiming that, at the end of this song, John Lennon sings "Baby, you're a rich fag Jew," a reference to band manager Brian Epstein, who was Jewish and a closeted homosexual. (That he was rich should be obvious.) Although the evidence for this slur is all anecdotal, John can be heard bearing down hard on the title phrase during the fade-out, exactly as he would do if engaging in such an insult.
Other accounts have him singing the line on a demo or during a session when Epstein was visiting. Mostly because that's the kind of guy John was. In these accounts it's not in the final song and was never released.

A simple no doesn't work for this. There's testimony that he said it at some point and it's exactly the sort of thing Lennon would do as a private jab. I can't believe he would let it reach public years, not as early as 1967 when their images were still important and I don't hear it in the final lines even listening carefully. In private - sure.