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Originally Posted by congodwarf View Post
Soapy - I think it just took a while to show up because it's there now. Thank you!!

Mama Zappa - a square 3 holds 17 cups so there should be more than enough room for a 5 pound bag of flour (there are two cups in a pound so 10 cups in a 5 pound bag). I suspect that it's a poof thing when you transplant the flour from the tightly packed bag to the container. Try putting the lid on and banging it on the counter to release trapped air. You should be able to fit more flour that way.

I did some searching online and found a review of the spaghetti dispenser which says that it holds up to 2 pounds of spaghetti. This sounds about right since a box is typically one pound so two pounds would be 4 cups and the capacity of the dispenser is 4-3/4 cups. So just make sure you use up a pound of spaghetti every time you open a 3 pound box.
LOL! We can't guarantee we'd do that, unfortunately. Oh well. We actually have an older spaghetti keeper - the kind with the pushbutton lid (that matches those pitchers - do they still sell those? we had 2, and the pushbuttons somehow BOTH fell into the garbage disposal and got slightly chewed). If the newer one did a better job of holding a full box of pasta, I might go for it. As it is, we want to be able to transfer our spaghetti to the holder as soon as it comes into the house (due to the pantry moth problem that is prompting this whole Modular Mates binge).

A cute story from when I bought that spaghetti keeper: it was in 1983 or so. A co-worker had a tupperware party and I ordered some stuff, which she brought into the office. While handing it over, she commented "huh. We never have spaghetti around that long". Another person chimed in, without missing a beat, "that's funny - ours COMES that long".

Our pantry, right now, looks so EMPTY. Part of that is putting all the stuff we're keeping into the containers, which do get rid of a lot of wasted space. And part is that we've done a lot of throwing out of old and/or potentially infested stuff. If the box was *dusty*, we figured it needed to go!!

I know the square 3 will fit a whole bag of flour, as I've been using them for that for 20+ years . I do have to tap the container down a little bit to make things settle, especially if there's still flour left when I add more. I think I'm going to get a couple rectangle 2s (18 vs 17 cup capacity), both for the added "wiggle room" and the fact that I can stack two of those on my shelves (or put one on top of the rectangle 3 where I keep rice - my shelves are fixed and I've found they just handle 5-tall Modular Mates.

But anyway, my point there was that when we're trying to figure out container sizes, it'd be nice if the web page had hints of common food items that would fit - like the bag of flour, or my 10 pound bag of rice that fits into the rectangle 3.