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24 hour reminder!!

This is the final reminder that this online party will be closing tomorrow night. If you want to place an order, please do so within the next 24 hours.

The good news is that if you want to order but can't do it before tomorrow night, you can still order! At the top of the party page, where all the links are, is a link to my personal site and you can order from there too and there's no deadline for it.

Now, way back at the beginning I told you all about my favorite pieces. Well, I forgot one so I'm gonna end with one last one.

The best can opener I've ever owned

I love this thing. It's righty or lefty and it makes safety lids when it cuts. I've used other can openers which do that too but this is by far the easiest to use. It moves so smoothly and cuts so neatly that I'm frequently not sure if it even did cut the lid until I find the seam and lift up the totally smooth metal.

A story about can openers.....

Last June, I was delivering some dog and cat food to a church in Brimfield MA. The church was the collection and distribution point for donations after the totally unexpected tornado we had (I know tornadoes aren't usually expected anyway but this is MA so they're even less expected). One of the ladies I talked to asked me if I needed a can opener. I said that I didn't because I didn't lose power and I have a manual one anyway. She told me that one of the biggest problems they have had is keeping enough can openers available because so many of the people in the affected areas only had electric ones! Personally, I hate electric can openers so I don't have one but I can't imagine not having a manual one for backup, especially in a place where it's not uncommon to lose power in snow storms.