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FYI, on the "promoting the book" angle, there is a radio interview program produced by the Dallas/Ft. Worth NPR affiliate, KERA, called "Think" which has hour-long interviews and takes calls on-air with authors just like you guys. They have done interviews about the HPV vaccine, and talked about infectious tropical diseases and their spread(streaming podcast available) and I think this book may be just up their alley. They also offer to buy books for donors during the pledge drives, so if you get on during the pledge drive you may be able to get the station to buy some copies as thank you gifts if you do an intriguing interview. This is Texas, so you may get some anti-vax callers that you will need to be able to firmly but respectfully rebut. That having been said, KERA has one of the largest listening audiences in the nation, both in terms of ratings and coverage.

You can listen to some of the podcasts in their archive to get a feel for the types of interviews they do. Keep in mind the host does read the book before every interview, so expect some intelligent questions about the contents, not just vague generalities.