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Originally Posted by cyclical reader View Post
About Time

Gorgeous movie. Not too famous but I really think this movie deserves much more audience. I was fooled into watching this because the description said "Science Fiction". Well, yes, there is time travel, but...

I don't want to spoil the story because I am grateful to have watched it without knowing what it was about. I'll just say that at one point I cried my eyes out, but it is not a tragic movie. It deals with love, death, relationships and familly. Time travel is a mere excuse.

It's not pretentious and it is perfectly narrated and acted.

Give it a chance!
I saw this in the theater b/c The Fella and I went to see a movie and we were in line to get tickets (I'd picked the movie of course), but had to run to the restroom. So he got the tickets and all he remembered was that it was a two word title. So he bought tickets to this and we went in. I thought the previews seemed odd for the movie I'd picked, but hey, figured the same company or producers, etc. Then when the movie started, I thought, "How is James Gandolfini going to end up in this movie?"

I'd wanted to see "Enough Said"

He got tickets for "About Time"

We both loved About Time and were glad we saw it!