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Originally Posted by Bayard View Post
I'm no economist, but I thought protectionist tariffs had fallen out of favor.
That's only if everyone else retaliates with their own tariffs. Then we get worldwide recession.

It is not unheard of for powerful nations to force other nations to adopt favorable trade policies.

I think Trump could sink this low and I think there is a significant portion of the population that would support America's use of military power to extract economic concession from the rest of the world. We have already heard Trump talk about making other nations pay for our protection and making them pay for a wall.

We have the most powerful military the world has ever know. The rest of the world acting in concert would have trouble dealing with our military and we could wipe several of them off the face of the earth before breakfast. Why not simply turn the rest of the world into de facto tributary states? I don't think anything is beyond possibility anymore.