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Originally Posted by Der Trihs View Post
Rounding up and interning or killing people because of their race comes to mind. We're putting neoNazis and their sympathizers into power; we know how such people act when they can. I expect the Republicans to go full Holocaust, eventually; except on a much larger scale and with nobody able to stop them.

I think the future of America is a racist theocracy with a collapsed economy, and maybe half the population it has now because the rest were expelled or killed. And the future of Mexico, South America and Africa is being radioactive wastelands after the Republicans bombard them to "purify the Earth of lesser, Satanic races".
Bolding mine

This is a bit over the top but it made me think:

One of the hallmarks of the Republican/alt-right/conservative/Fox/right politician/media has been projection. It's not just coincidence that the most virulent anti-gays get caught in compromising ways. And the Donald's record on what he screeched about yesterday is nearly word for word what he's doing today.
Something that's been howled about quite regularly over the past years is camps; FEMA camps or their equivalent.

Makes me wonder (and glad once again I moved to Canada)