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Originally Posted by SteveG1 View Post
And that still doesn't address an entire Republican party, full of weak candidates who couldn't even (none of them) keep Donald Dump from hijacking their party and getting nominated. In other words, even if Hillary was terrible, all the Repubs were even worse and more horrible and incompetent.
I think the Republican primary has been addressed several times. But if you think it was because the other Republican candidates were even shittier than Hillary, I'm not going to defend them. But I think that Trump won the primaries by cornering the racist/bigot vote and that was enough to give him a plurality in a 17 way race.

But it doesn't help that the Russians, the FBI director, Wikileaks' Assange, and the fake news bunch kept piling on more bullshit while giving Trump a pass on everything that diarrheas out of his mouth.... and all the dumb fucks that ate that shit up.
So the Russians lied somehow? The whiny blaming of foreign powers for the loss is weak tea. WTF do you think the Russians did other than illegally obtain accurate information about Hillary''s cheating?

I agree the FBI's re-opening of the email probe affected the election and it shouldn't have but Director Comey (who the left was calling a paragon of integrity when he declined to recommend charges against Hillary for her use of a private email server) is now being criticized for showing integrity in announcing the discovery of heretofore undiscovered emails to and from Huma Abedin. Turns out it wasn't a big deal but should he have sat on this discovery until after he found something incriminating even if that incriminating evidence wasn't found until after the election? Hillary's penchant for secrecy and non-disclosure fed into this and was part of what made her such a shitty candidate.

Assange, the darling of free speech and the left when he released stuff that hurt Bush, but totally untrustworthy creep now that he releases stuff that hurts Hillary. Did he release incorrect information? Did he compromise our national security wen he released the emails like he did when he released information when Bush was president? Were they fake emails?

What fake news affected the election? Trump's mouth diarrhea was apparent to most but they still chose Hillary in states that voted for Obama over McCain and Romney. Doesn't that make you think that the problem might have been Hillary?