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I'm going with Manafort, and if it can be proven that Manafort colluded with Russia, then the whole campaign colluded with Russia. There was no reason to hire Manafort as campaign manager except to collude with Russia. What rational reason was there for him to manage a presidential campaign? His access to Russian money was his only selling point.

And, remember on the day he left the campaign, Trump associated businesses "loaned" him 13 million dollars.

"In September, Summerbreeze received a $3.5 million loan from Spruce Capital. The investment firm’s co-founder Joshua Crane helped develop Trump International Hotel & Tower in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2006. Then, in November, the firm secured a $9.5 million loan from the Federal Savings Bank of Chicago, founded and chaired by Stephen M. Calk, a senior economic adviser to Trump during his campaign. The bank usually specializes in loans to help military veterans buy homes."

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