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Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
Me trolling? No way. This shit is way to serious to mess with. I could accidentally open some kind of portal and be swept away to some fucking red state, or even worse, Florida. I'd never mess with a portal.

Anyway, this trillions of year things. I think our sun goes to sleep in about 5 billion, so I'll have to have it done by then.
No worries. Just combine enough laser beams and you'll create a synthetic black hole. Easy peasy.

I mean, once you have self replicating robots, just send some to the Moon, wait a decade or 2, then order the super-swarm to make your laser apparatus.

Don't know how to make the lasers yet? Have some of the super-swarm make prototypes using an evolutionary algorithm to find the best laser design.

Should just be a few mouse clicks, really, anyone armed with post singularity tech could do it.

*Now I am somewhat trolling myself here but if you did have self replicating robots and very powerful AI, this would be technically possible. Maybe not the harnessing a black hole part, but the apparatus to build a small one to see if you can harness it would be.

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