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Yes! Still my very own footy thread for the past couple of weeks as I lord over it, dark prince style - BWAWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAH!!!!!!!
And it is all mine! now, heh, heh.

If Man U's suckage continues for one more week, then rumours of Morhinho to be the first EPL manager to get sacked this season just might happen. There's been mumblings of Zidane possibly replacing him.

Chelsea was lucky to get away with a 1-1 draw against Liverpool - Shaqiri missed a glorious opportunity. I was surprised Klopp had him sub for Salah instead of maybe Forminho, who, formidable as he is, isn't quite the offensive threat Salah is, and what Liverpool were needing when they were still down 1-0 at the time of the subbing.

And speaking of formidable, Liverpool's front three (deservedly) make the headlines, however, the back two - Gomez and van Dijk (especially this game, except for the Hazard goal) can really shut the door down. And Hazard - what a season he's having.

Former Blues Sturridge tied it up with just a couple of fucking minutes left with an admittedly pretty nice goal

Here I thought David Luis was "getting on", but apart from a near-costly blunder near the end, he played a very solid game, with challenges up the yin-yang and crisp passing.