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Originally Posted by magellan01 View Post
Odd that some have such a hard time grasping such basic facts. So, I'll break this down for the hard of thinking folk:

How to determine if Donald J. Trump is your President a guide for the logic challenged

Question 1) Are you a citizen of the United States of America?
___ Yes.. Congratulations, Donald J Trump is your President!

___ No. Sorry, Donald J. Trump is not your President.
Questions 2 - ∞) See Question 1

See, easy peasy.
Ah, you got that backwards. Category 1 should get the "sorry" and Category 2 should get the "congratulations."

tRump shows no respect for anyone who won't kiss his butt so I don't see why he should get any respect from me. He actually doesn't even respect those who do kiss his butt since all he likes them for is their willingness to serve him.