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Originally Posted by Two Many Cats View Post
When I was young, the Eagles' Hotel California was mostly admired among my set of friends for its creepiness. We all went through a certain... oooohhh spooky stuff phase as adolescent girls, and loved ghost and demon stories. That was before slasher flicks came along and ruined everything.

Anyway, I've heard since then that the song is not about supernatural doings, but about the music industry..or else about, ...well god knows what.

I listened to the lyrics this morning, and it definitely appears to have a swapped gender Manos feel to it. Guy pulls up at a hotel, goes to a party, and sees rich people trying to eat a not quite dead animal (I always saw it as a cross between a cow and a pig type animal, but that's just me. I was pretty sure it wasn't a chicken.) Guy tries to escape in a hurry, but cannot because dark forces won't let him. HE'S TRAPPED FOREVER, AH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAAAAAH!!!!!

Anyway, were me and my friends hearing stuff that was not there, so to speak?

What is Hotel California about anyway?

Just to keep the thread going after the answer, what creepy songs did you like when you were young....or not so young?
It's about drugs. Just like 99% of songs. It's right in the name:

(H)otel = Heroin
(C)alifornia = Cocaine