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Originally Posted by MovieMogul View Post
I think it's important to remember that "Life in the Fast Lane" is on the same side of the album, and is essentially about the same thing--a lifestyle that spins out of control, into decadence and self-destruction--except in a more explicit and less allegorical, stylized way (though with its car imagery, LITFL does indulge in a few metaphors, too).
It's all about the drugs!

New Kid in Town is about the latest - new strain of cannabis, new heroin blend, ecstasy, whatever

Wasted Time, is, of course, about doing drugs

Victim of love is about - murder. Specifically, about Spider Sabich. OK, I can't force it to be about drugs. unless drugs caused her to shoot him?

Pretty Maids All in a Row - empty beer bottles or shot glasses lined up on the bar

Try and love again - after getting clean, it's a song about getting hooked again

The Last Resort - heroin addiction. they called it paradise. I don't know why.

Didn't the first pressings of the vinyl have "is it 4:20 yet?" etched in the out groove area?

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