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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
It's about drugs. Just like 99% of songs. It's right in the name:

(H)otel = Heroin
(C)alifornia = Cocaine
Wait, H. C. means heroin and cocaine? That gives an apt meaning to the use of those initials in Illuminatus! (I would have thought the writers were inspired by "HOT" and "COLD" taps in a basin, and RAW seemed like a weed guy, anyway.)

Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
Nah, it's about running for the Presidency. The Hotel California is the White House, the "beast" is.....well, you know......


Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
It's about a sandwich. It's right there in the name

(H)otel = Ham
(C)alifornia = Cheese
Originally Posted by Mean Mr. Mustard View Post
It's about snacks. It's right there in the name

(H)otel = Hostess
(C)alifornia = Cupcakes

Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
For which one will have a serious craving after spending an evening partaking in colitas.
[Ted "Theodore" Logan]Whoa!

Originally Posted by BubbaDog View Post
Silly me.. I had always thought that the song was about.....California.
The culture and varied lifestyles of California that is.

I guess I got it from the line about not having wine since 1969 which was a few years after a long strike by California vineyard workers who eventually reached an agreement in 1970.

Plenty of room any time of year you can find it here - California's varied climate areas where you can ski the mountains or surf the ocean, stay warm in San Diego or cool in San Francisco.
Man. That's deep, man.

From what I've heard, in an interview with the writers I think, the song was meant to be like something Steely Dan would write, hence "steely knives;" but what it all means, eh, yeah, that wasn't as clear. I think rock songwriters sometimes don't care that much if the song really makes sense or means one actual thing. It's part of the music, man.

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