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Saw the first two new episodes last night. It's watchable and engaging. Puts a little whitewash over the horrible ending of season 1, but I just accepted it and moved on.

Problem is that it's been off so long that I don't remember who any of the characters are, so I only vaguely recalled the ending of the second new episode.

The scene of the group in the field wasn't from the first season, right? It fell flat with me, seeming like something cobbled together to bridge the two seasons, part of the whitewash of last season's finale in the cafeteria.

If you're about to start season 2, I recommend rewatching season 1 first. Which I guess I'll do this evening since the girlfriend can't watch the new ones with me tonight.

I like the PI. Hope he didn't come out of that water with fifteen different diseases. But what's with everyone's assumption that a giant-ass house has exactly one entrance? Not sure I trust Nina's social worker... she seems a little sinister. The lady who flies with crows is interesting. I'm sure her remarks about the birds will be important later.

I don't yet feel qualified to remark on the whole garden of forking paths arc since I've only seen a couple of the new episodes, but it's an engaging premise.