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I started Season 2 last night and I'm on episode 4. I'm enjoying it so far. Still very weird and engaging.

Originally Posted by GreysonCarlisle View Post
The scene of the group in the field wasn't from the first season, right?
No, that scene wasn't in season 1. It was just a quick flashback to show us how Hap and his captives crossed into the parallel dimension. I think it was kind of necessary to show what happened after Hap released Prairie, and to set up the situation at the mental hospital.

I like the PI.
I like him, too. So far, he's a relatively grounded character amidst the New Age stuff.

I didn't think the ending of season 1 was horrible, and I don't think anything in this season is 'whitewashing' it. In fact, they are building everything in this season from it. The only slight whitewashing I detected was the scene with Prairie's dad and French, regarding the books that were found under Prairie's bed in season 1. Just kind of swept that mystery away quickly, though with a very plausible explanation.