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It just seemed overdone to me. Like they still had a whole buncha money in their special effects budget, so by damn we're gonna spend it all. And so we got gun fights on the planet and space ship battles and what seemed like hours dodging through an asteroid belt or whatever that was.

And I don't even know what to say of them just entering the horizon of a black hole "a little bit" to hide from the Kaylons, and then emerge without even having blown a battery on an old space freighter?

And then every bit of life dead on Earth, even on the bottom of the deepest sea, except for one person who of course just happens to be Bortus.

And on and on.

Last week's episode, though not perfect, was clever and thoughtful with a point to make. This one was, well, really bad. Tons of cliches wrapped in a bunch of special effects to make you go OOOOH! instead of thinking.

And it didn't even fit the tone of the rest of the series. This felt like a homage to Star Wars instead of Star Trek.