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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
I genuinely feel sorry for the excellent players who are up against Holzhauer. But why don't they play his game along with him? When they get a chance to choose a clue, they go back to the easy ones at the top, leaving the high-value clues for Holzhauer.
He discussed this in the interview I linked to on the first page of this thread. I think there's definitely some truth to it.

Originally Posted by James Holzhauer
I think what youíre describing is the best strategy for me, but the most important thing for every contestant is to be comfortable and donít succumb to nerves. If youíre not playing a game you find comfortable, thatís going to be worse for you than just having a suboptimal game-theory strategy. If youíre the kind of player who needs to take the low-value clues first to become comfortable with the categories to move along, thatís what you should do. But if youíre like me, who goes in cold-blooded about it, then you play the cold-blooded strategy. Everyone is doing the best things for themselves.