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While I haven't watched game shows in a long last was either Million Dollar Money Drop or It's Worth What, unless you count Mental Samurai (and I gave that up after two episodes)...I find this story riveting. I've always fascinated by the story of the nigh-invincible juggernaut; not so much him as how the world reacts. Doesn't matter what game it is: Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Steffi Graf, Lebron James, Hakuho, Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos. Always the center of attention, never boring, the fallout could be felt for generations.

The thing I find the most remarkable is that he's not only winning, he's winning big, and he's doing it every time. In every game show I remember that had a risk element, gambling = doom. It was that simple. Greed was THE absolute ironclad super king kahuna sin of game shows, and the most successful champions were the ones who knew how to rein it in. Even Ken Jennings himself only pulled in 30-40K most days. Even if Holzhauer is fantastically knowledgeable, you think that at some point the pendulum would swing the other way, one of his big moves would jump up and bite him, and someone would capitalize. The stars have to align at some point, right? And they haven't.

Humble question. Does anyone know why whoever's in charge of this show changed the rules to allow indefinite champions? I can understand the desire to build a megastar, but shouldn't there be some hard limit? 50 would be reasonable.