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Originally Posted by Lucas Jackson View Post
I’m not sure I see what difference it makes. Every game two people lose anyway. The question is why should normal players be limited to a certain number of games, so this discounts James.

The average player wins with about $20,000. A dominate player like Ken Jennings averaged about $33,000. Of course those are averages. Many one time winners make much more (averaging out those $1000 winners).

So why would it matter to the show to pay out $20,000 to 5 different players a week, or to one player $100,000. Especially when you factor in long term players bring in more viewers which translate into more advertising revenue and potentially a more recurring fan base. Those things tend to even out money paid to strong, long term streaks.

Game shows operate in their own best self-interest and not some form of altruistic game play.
Yabbut a big part of the appeal of watching Jeopardy! is the satisfaction of answering questions correctly before the players do (in the comfort of your own surroundings, to be sure), and fantasizing “I could win at this game.” Establishing an unbeatable opponent who will ALWAYS be there kinda takes the fantasy away, leaving nothing but the spectacle of the one guy who effectively has a license to print money.

Holzhauer’s staying power might outlast the appeal of that spectacle.