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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
It would be interesting to know if the Jeopardy! production people get ratings based on how long people stay tuned in, once they start watching. If ad buyers catch on that viewership is dropping sharply in the last half of every show, they will balk at paying full-price rates.
I know it's possible to order TV ratings based on quarter-hours, so I'm sure the producers and the advertising types who are interested are already looking at that. Heck, you could even wire a test audience to tell you how they react to Holzhauer second-by-second, as they do in political debates.

As for advertising placement within the show, that's easy. Sponsor A gets a commercial during the first half one day, Sponsor B gets it the next day, etc. If there's any sponsor anywhere who paid to get a guaranteed spot right before Final Jeopardy, well, they got what they paid for.