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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
I do not know if anyone else has posted this article, but it has a story about a 4-yr old Holzhauer being a math whiz. There are pictures of the guy from the 1989news article.

That's cool. Interesting that he went from a bit of an ugly duckling as a kid to a good looking guy now.

Originally Posted by Tired and Cranky View Post
Does anyone think producers are rearranging the board to lower James's earnings? It seems there are more Daily Doubles in the $1,000 row, which means that James is more likely to pick them early in the round before he has built up a huge pot to wager. This reduces his potential winnings a bit (though it doesn't interfere with his streak). I wonder if producers will start making the FJ questions tougher just to reduce his daily winnings further.

That would make sense. And while IANAL, I can't remotely buy that their having a meeting and declaring "we have been consistenly blowing up our prize money budget lately, so we need to make Daily Doubles harder and/or less valuable" could qualify as "special and secret assistance" to his opponents. It's just facially incorrect IMO to characterize it that way.

Originally Posted by Lucas Jackson View Post
I pointed this out earlier. And while I agree with you, itís akin to saying all someone needs to do to beat Usain Bolt is be faster to the finish line. Thatís a big ďallĒ.

Hopefully your wink means you don't really think it's akin to that. The fastest clicker in the world would not beat Holzhauer if he didn't have a copious knowledge of literature, history, pop culture, etc. And you can see by his performance in the clicker-free DDs and FJ that he is superior in that knowledge. He would have done very well on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" if that were still on (although I always assumed they were careful to not invite on Jeopardy-level brainiacs).
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