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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
I should probably have said in the first post that the reason they were giving is that it's illegal. Point being, they are not simply ignoring Congress's demand but claiming that they may not legally fulfil that demand.
Yes, you probably should have. But of course, if all you're doing is relaying what Mnuchin has said, then that doesn't really add much to the conversation that we couldn't all read for ourselves in pretty much any news coverage of the topic.

Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
I still think it's extremely likely that the Supremes will side with Trump and the DOJ, and the demand will, in fact, turn out to be illegal.
That's all well and good, obviously others disagree. At best, we've got a president who claims he did nothing wrong, but refuses to release exculpatory evidence to the oversight committee in violation of an apparently lawful request, and is prepared to take this refusal all the way to the supreme court in order to avoid having to clear his name. How Trump comes out of this looking better than congress is beyond me.