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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
They all have to wait until the clue is read. So they all have an equal advantage.
No, currently people who have a very quick reaction time have an advantage, and people who have experience with the buzzer timing because they've played Jeopardy before have an advantage. Everyone who is going to buzz in is poised to do so as quickly as possible as soon as the window to buzz in opens.

Instead of having them all be ready and then race to buzz in quickly, they can just buzz in as soon as they're ready. Everyone who does so gets an equal chance to answer.

How would allowing them to buzz in earlier than that rectify anything? It would favor those who can read faster than the others
No. Under my proposed rules, there's no advantage to buzzing in earlier than someone else, as long as you buzz in by the latest time that someone could have buzzed in under the current rules. Jeopardy already favors those who can read faster because they have more time to think about the question. But this rule change doesn't give any more advantage to those who can read faster.

increase the probability of giving wrong responses, and encourage those who can't come up with a response at all to press their buttons prematurely.
For anyone playing Jeopardy, at some point during the reading of the question and before they are allowed to buzz in, each player has to make a determination of whether they think they can answer the question correctly. If they think they can, they get ready to buzz in as soon as the light comes on. Then they all race to be the first to do so.

My rule just means that as soon as they decide they think they can answer the question, they just press the button. It doesn't incentivize you to buzz in earlier, or to buzz in on questions you don't know the answer to. It simply removes the "race to be the fastest one to press a button" part of the game.

Importantly, this change levels the playing field between new players and returning champions. Every successful Jeopardy player has pointed out how familiarity with the buzzer timing is a big advantage. Is that really the skill we want Jeopardy to reward?

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