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If we agree that there exist unpleasant traits more peculiar to men than to women, and if we agree there exist unpleasant traits more common to women than to men, and if we agree that one’s “toxicity”, in this context, can be determined by measuring the extent to which one exhibits these traits, then I’d answer “Yes, yes, and I don’t know”.

The complicating factor is that one can’t just say “Behaviour X is objectively good or bad”. That’s a subjective value judgement, and it’s entirely situational. The question is, or should be, “Why is this person engaging in this behaviour?” If it’s for purely selfish reasons (like, say, blaming an innocent person for your mistake to get out of a well-deserved punishment), then I think it’s fair to call that instance of behaviour a “toxic display”. But to say a behaviour is, by definition, toxic is overly simplistic.

In other words, I think “toxic masculinity” and “toxic femininity” are, indeed, just pseudo-intellectual ways of describing people who act like assholes.