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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
For 1), absolutely, at least for toxic masculinity. And I don't doubt that there are negative factors to traditional notions of femininity as well -- notions that women are incapable of being handy or mechanical, for example. I'm not sure if I've heard the term "toxic femininity", though.
Girls can't read maps. You can't do judo, it's not feminine. You can't play soccer, it's not feminine. She's such a tomboy. Girls don't like math. It is the daughters' job to take care of aging parents. It is the daughters'-in-law job to take care of aging parents-in-law. Girls can't be engineers. Women can't be engineers. Women are bad at science. Women are artsy but who ever heard of a woman artist. Interior decorators are all women or gay; architects are men.

Toxic masculinity and toxic femininity are, each of them, the specific expression of sexism when it is directed at each specific gender. In the end they boil down to the same shit: what's between your legs defines you completely as a person, over and above anything else.

As for Meghan McCain I don't know enough of her to opine.
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