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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
There are apparently quite a few people who think he's less of a man because of it - that he's either a child or a woman because he's emotional after a big loss.
Big deal. There are quite a few people who think the Earth is flat, and that Bigfoot exists.

On a serious note, that first TVTropes link, almost all of the examples from movies show where they guy averted the trope. And the rest are old people from another time (Clint Eastwood) or old movies. Similarly, the TV shows are mostly old as well.

Can you think of a TV Show or Movie in the past 19 years that told society "Men Don't Cry"? How many TV Shows or Movies in the past 19 years showed a man openly crying?

Finally, if women think that men aren't supposed to cry, is that toxic masculinity?