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Originally Posted by Loach View Post
Did you see Shatner’s documentary The Captains? I did enjoy it even though he of course made it all about himself. It was interesting to see how each one of them reacted to Shatner. I get the impression that Stewart finds him hilarious. Brooks came off as being very intense and very strange.
He's just...not linear.

I was an early backer of the DS9 film and got to go to the premier event in New York a few months back. (In addition to Ira Behr, Ethan Phillips showed up to do 10 minutes of Borscht Belt schtick.)

The doc really is wonderful, including cast and crew interviews, a hypothetical brainstorm of what a season 8 premier might be, brand new HD transfers of select scenes, animations, and fan perspectives, all cut together in a very entertaining and nostalgic way. There is reportedly a ton of extra stuff which will be released with the DVD as well.