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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
I hope you're right about that. In another thread we recently had a poster suggest that adherence to SCOTUS decisions was voluntary and that blue states might just start ignoring them.
I agree that this is wrong but I find myself thinking it just as likely red states ignore a SCOTUS ruling. We already have a President and AG who have taken the position they can ignore the oversight authority of Congress and subpoenas they find to be inconvenient. It isn't hard to imagine them ignoring any ruling by SCOTUS on this matter that doesn't go their way. The states would simply be taking their cue from the President.

And it is highly unlikely the Court will back the POTUS on all of the legal challenges we will see soon, no matter how stacked my fellow Democrats think the Court is at present. I suspect Trump & Co. are likely to win on some issues and lose on others. I am curious to see how they will react to the ones they lose.