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I've heard that Michael C Hall's accent in 'Safe' was credible to at least some Brits, sounded British to me (American) but I guess that's a lower bar.

Same token though some British actors fake good American accents (Bale was mentioned, he's had a lot of practice). Other times it's a good performance but the accent isn't really *that* accurate or slips. Dominic West notoriously in The Wire but Idris Elba doesn't sound like he's from Baltimore either in that show (maybe the character isn't supposed to be? anyway good performance not brilliant on the accent). My wife and I liked the actor Jason Isaacs in one of his recent British shows so we tracked down other works of his on Netflix. In the American ones like 'Brotherhood' and particular the abortive (but interesting) network show 'Awake', he's still an enjoyable to watch actor, but his accent is not really that good. Especially the latter show where he's supposed to be an LA detective. A stereotypical Rhode Island accent ('Brotherhood') is easier to fake because you can ham it up, it's basically a foreign accent to Americans too. The 'no accent' (to American ears) of LA is harder to hit right and he doesn't. But you ignore it after awhile.