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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Note the title. Note the "US Citizens". That's very important, because it's not happening in the UK or France or Britain or Australia or really anywhere else even slightly modern/technological.
You forgot Canada, which is perhaps even more relevant, because Americans are coming to Canada to buy insulin and probably breaking American laws in the process:

As the article notes, a vial of NovoLog which costs USD $300 in the US is $30 in Canada. Same with most other patented (non-generic) drugs. The blood thinner Brilinta costs about CAD $100 per 60 tablets here in Ontario, though mine are covered by the Ontario Seniors Drug Benefit so they cost me $4 (the dispensing fee). In the US it ranges from the low 400s to nearly USD $500 for the same thing.

The reason for these differences is that Canada has the Patent Medicine Prices Review Board, while the US has a Congress owned by corporate interests.