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Let's be careful with the consumer direct payment vs what the drug company is getting paid. IIRC the UK price for insulin is ~400/year, not paid by the consumer directly.

It's harder to make and get biosimilars approved compared to small molecule generics, hence the decreased competition.

People who are unable to manage their diabetes are less likely to be productive. So from a cold-hearted economic growth point of view, the current situation situation appears suboptimal. Never mind the, you know, suffering and death thing.

Re: Walmart, this is the 1980s "human" (synthetic, as opposed to animal) insulin. Not the modified insulin analogues first introduced by Lily in I think '96 and now off-patent for the early ones. Nobody may want to manage their blood sugar with this stuff, but pretty much everyone did when I was growing up because it was the only option. That said, I think something like <3% of diabetics use human insulin now. Re: productivity, this stuff does not maximize it.