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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
Oh, i get it. Newer stuff = better. I just don't get dying because you can't afford insulin when there is cheaper, but not as good, insulin you can buy.
Would they know what the dose was?

They'd have been given instructions for how much to take based on the medication the doctor ordered. A different form of insulin might need a different dose. Guessing it wrong might mean dying right now. Not taking it means dying but not as fast.

Qadgop? I might have that wrong; but I can readily imagine that thought process. (And I was told by the vet. that using a slightly different form for the dog would require recalculating her dose.) Personally, I think I'd call the doctor; but either being very broke or significantly sick can screw up your thinking. Both at once is a double whammy. (Both at once, or even one on its own, could also make it hard to get to Walmart. Will they mail order without a significant charge?)