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Originally Posted by drachillix View Post
Anyone more advanced than a rookie Medical assistant knows insulin dosing, you don't need a dedicated doctor to help you. Insulin dosing is not an arcane formula only pharmacists and endocrinologists can understand.
In Spain you can in fact ask your pharmacist for assistance with dosage, when would be the best time to take a specific medication, interactions, etc.* Would that be possible in the US or is it one of those "I'm not touching that with a ten-foot-pole to avoid suits" things?

* Showing off: in several regions, the e-prescription system allows the pharmacist to substitute a scrip for another and to write notes to the doctors. This will normally be for very straightforward stuff such as "scrip for 500, gave 2x250 instead" or "generic instead of brand-name," but it can be more complicated when the pharmacist recognizes an interaction or allergy the doctor appears to have missed.
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